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Established in 1999, Oxbridge Applications is the global leader in Oxbridge admissions consulting. The consultancy is highly specialised, providing expert guidance and support for students at every stage of their application to Oxford and Cambridge, as well as those applying to top UK medical and law schools. Over 15 years, Oxbridge Applications has supported 60,000 students in over 120 countries and annually works closely with a global network of over 400 schools.

How applicants benefit from our support

Successful applications to Oxford or Cambridge require a high level of academic ability, but also the skills and confidence to demonstrate that ability effectively. To address this need, Oxbridge Applications draws upon extensive experience and research to offer programmes that will help students maximise their chance of winning a place. Our support is not designed to ‘serve students a place’ at Oxbridge, but rather to build on their academic strengths and help them develop into independent, determined scholars. For over a decade, this process has resulted in a consistent success rate almost three times that of the average applicant (52%, 2015) for those receiving long-term support.

Oxbridge Applications are the only consultancy that can provide tailored guidance at every stage of the application, rather than just an ‘Oxbridge interview course’. There are a number of reasons why Oxbridge Applications leads the field in admissions support.

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